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Shiso Kitchen is the place for people to gather and experiment with their culinary curiosities.

Cooking lessons, tastings, excursions, private parties, events and team building are just a few of the adventures that await at Shiso Kitchen!


SK Cooking Class Gift (attendance for 2 guests)

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SK Cooking Class Gift (attendance for 2 guests)


Join in one of Shiso Kitchen's fantastically delicious group classes as seen on the cooking class schedule. All SK group classes are small at 6-8 people max, offering everyone a chance to get hands-on in creating the meal. This gift is for 2 guests to join in a group class as seen on the cooking class schedule. (Excludes Sushi 101, and specialty classes. Inquire within prior to purchase.)

The fine print:

Advance reservations are required. SK Gifts are not sold or accepted for 'Sushi 101' class or specialty classes (i.e.: Valentine's Day). Please e-mail with questions prior to purchase.

Gratuity is not included in the cost of this SK gift, and should be made in person as desired. Reservations are required, and subject to availability.

Please see Shiso Kitchen's cancellation policy as listed on SK gifts are valid for 1 year from purchase date.

Cost of SK Class gift is $89 per person x 2 people, plus a $5.00 processing fee. Gift value cannot be split or divided across multiple classes. Shiso Kitchen does not sell or accept any type of voucher, or certificate towards the Sushi 101 class or specialty classes such as Valentine's Day.

Reservations can be made via email: or via phone, at: 617-999-9971

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Give the gift of a cooking class!

Whether you're a well seasoned cook, or a culinary novice there is always something to learn in The Kitchen. Shiso Kitchen offers a fabulous night of cooking and learning in a hands-on fun environment. 

Restrictions Apply. 

Have a request? Let us know what YOU want to learn!